Last updated 3/7/15

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Springtime is a Perfect Time to Adopt!

Kelly Australian Kelpie Sweetie Boxer Mix  Tigger Retreiver Hound Mix
Kelly (Australian Kelpie mix), Sweetie (Boxer/American Bulldog mix), and Tigger (Retriever/Hound mix) were some of the adoptable dogs in February. Check to see if they are still available! If you or anyone you know is seeking a feline or canine companion, please consider adopting from our shelter. Adopting from shelters saves lives. Pets available at the Colusa County Animal Shelter are posted on
This 4-day old rabbit kit was found in the road and brought to the shelter. MicroBlossom Baby Rabbit Sometimes the shelter receives animals besides dogs and cats. Staff are responsible for caring for livestock, such as goats, horses, and chickens, and once in a while rabbits. The newborn rabbit at left was cared for and fed for 5 days before passing. It's last days were warm and comfortable.
Harley Black Lab Mix Johnny Chihuahua Mix Blue Bear Pitbull Petey Dachshund Mix
Harley (Lab mix), Johnny (Chihuahua/Terrier mix), Blue Bear (American Pit Bull), and Petey (Dachshund mix) were all adopted in February!